Dr. Al Mead
Assistant Professor
Email: al.mead@gcsu.edu
Phone: 478-445-1091

1999 Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1994 M.S., Georgia College & State University

1988 B.S., University of Georgia

My primary research interests address various aspects of Cenozoic mammalian paleoecology.  Investigations of sedimentology, mammalian biostratigraphy, faunal composition, and taphonomy are integral parts of this research.

Taylor, W. and A. J. Mead.  2003.  Cenogram analysis of the mammalian faunas from the White River Group within Badlands National Park, South Dakota.  Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 23(3):103A. Poster.


Mead, A. J. and B. L. Spell.  2002.  New Pleistocene vertebrate locality from Brunswick, Georgia.  Georgia Journal of Science 60(1):45.  Presentation.


Chandler, R. M., Mead, A. J., Wall, W. P., Codier, D. J., Momtalvo, A., Embree, A.  2001.  Terrestrial Vertebrate Fossils from the Neogene of Trinidad.  Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 21(3):39A.  Poster.


Mead, Alfred J.  2000.  Sexual dimorphism and paleoecology in Teleoceras, a North American Miocene rhinoceros.  Paleobiology 26(4):689-706.


Mead, A. J., G. Brown, and W. P. Wall.  2000.  Non-destructive calculation of longbone cross-sectional area.  Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 20(3):58A.  Poster.


Mead, Alfred J.  1999.  Enamel hypoplasia in Miocene rhinoceroses (Teleoceras) from Nebraska: Evidence of severe physiological stress.  Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology  19(2):391-397.


Mead, Alfred J.  1998.  An embedded tooth in an oreodont cranium: Evidence for feeding habits of Oligocene entelodonts.  Dakoterra 5:73-75.


Mead, Alfred J. and WIlliam P. Wall  1998.  Paleoecological implications of the craniodental and premaxilla morphologies of two rhinocerotoids (Perissodactyla) from Badlands National Park, South Dakota.  National Park Service Paleonotological Research Volume  3:18-22.


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