Grasshoppers by Chopper

I collect grasshoppers. I have grasshopper pins, plush animals, weather vanes, staplers…all types of grasshoppers.

Please enjoy some of my grasshopper collecting!

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My maiden name is Hopper, and my mother used to say that our name was Hopper like grasshopper (rather than Hooper or Harper.)

On my junior high gym uniform my first initial and last name were embroidered on my shirt; it was BIG block letters that my dad drew and my mother stitched. Many people I grew up with didn't know my first name....I was just Chopper.

When I taught at LSU, Debbie Longman and Rhonda Atkinson started giving me grasshoppers, and the collection has grown.

My office has over 300; I have 50+ grasshopper pins and counting, and I'm continually searching for unique representations of the critter.