The Tenth


Interdisciplinary Study in Spain, England & Ireland

June 22-July 11, 2005








"What a fantastic trip! I'll never forget it!" -- participant 1998



Most, if not all, of the following cities will be included in the trip: Madrid, Segovia, Valladolid, Spanish Pyrenees, Barcelona, Cork, , Shannon, Waterford, Glendalough, Killarney, London, and Tolkien's Middle Earth: Oxford, the Cotswalds.

--This is a three week course, with time equally divided between Ireland and Spain. The course is based in the Department of Government, GC&SU but in addition to study in political science, it incorporates study in history, architecture, literature, music, and hiking in the mountains of Ireland and Northern Spain.
--Topics of study include, but will not be limited to, the governmental structure and processes of the Republic of Ireland and the Kingdom of Spain, the European Union, the Spanish Civil War and the Irish Civil War, policies dealing with terrorism, Ireland's historical struggle with England, federalism in Spain, Spanish flamenco music and dance, Irish Gaelic music and dance, Gothic architecture in Spain, Viking and Celtic settlement in Ireland, Spanish and Irish art, bullfighting, the role of Irish and Spanish Roman Catholicism, the literature of James Joyce, W. B. Yeats, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Cervantes, Garcia Lorca, Ortega y Gasset, J.R.R. Tolkien and the spiritual writings of Sts. John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Kevin, Patrick, & Brigid.
--The cost of the trip (3495.00, excluding tuition and books) covers trans-Atlantic and intercontinental airfare, ground transportation, hotel, lodging, breakfast, admission fees, approximately 5 lunches and 5 dinners. Accommodations will be in hotels, bed and breakfast facilities, and university dormitories. Those who are registered with paid deposit by January 15, 2004 will receive $100.00 reduction in trip costs.
--Tuition will most likely be paid by Hope scholarship for eligible students, student aid may also apply. GC&SU students can obtain applications for competitive study abroad scholarships from the International Programs office in Lanier Hall. Students at other USG or out of state institutions should apply at their own institutions for financial aid and scholarships.
--This course will employ Apple computer technology in several ways. First of all, each student will enjoy the use of an Apple iPod for the duration of the trip. The iPod will be pre-recorded with Irish and Spanish music (both traditional and contemporary), academic lecture material, and travelogue information. You will also have the opportunity before the trip to use the iPod to download your own music by accessing the Apple Music Store by means of the iMacs in the GC&SU computer labs. More information about the use of the iPod will be provided to those students accepted into the program. Students will also have the option of completing a video project instead of a final paper. The video project will make use of Apple's "Final Cut Express" software, also available on the computer lab iMacs. More information will be available to participants.
Contact either Prof. Hank Edmondson (Director)
Financial aid information and on-line applications  for study abroad scholarships can be found at:
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