Georgia College & State University (GCSU)

School of Health Sciences (SHS) - Nursing

First Year Academic Seminar – NURF 001 (Section 2)

Fall Semester 2004 Calendar





August 23
Week 1

Introduction to the course and each other.



Time management and organizational skills.



Involvement in University activities.


Review syllabus, calendar, and several links on my web site.


Ice breaker.  



  • Using your calendar and syllabi from all of your courses, enter exams and projects on your GCSU academic planner.
  • Explore the links “Where does time go?” and Campus Events located under the Table of Contents. 
  • Print the link University Activity located under Guidelines and Forms.

August 30

Week 2

Library services.  



Resume writing

Tour of Library Services, by Mr. Jon Darby. Meet in library foyer.



·        Explore the link Resume Writing located under the Table of Contents. 

·        Begin writing your first rough draft of your resume.


September 6

Week 3 

Holiday: Labor Day.

No class.

 Enjoy your holiday! There are no assignments due this week!

September 13
Week 4

Learning Center resources.



Successful transition to college life.



Tour of the Learning Center by Ms. Brenda Whidby. Meet at the Learning Center (Lanier Hall Room 210)  



  • Explore the links Learning Center Resources and College Transition located under the Table of Contents. 
  • Journal 1 discussion is due on 9/20/04.


September 20
Week 5

Community service project.




Note taking and Study Guidelines.

GIVE center guest speaker, Iona Pendergast.


Senior Nursing Student guest speaker, Sarah Parker.



  • Choose a community service project that you would like to do this semester. 
  • Explore the links Note taking for class and Study Guidelines located under the Table of Contents. 


September 27

Week 6


Table Talk


  • Print the link Table Talk located under Guidelines and Forms.
  • Make an appointment with a faculty member for Table Talk and submit the completed form to the instructor by 11/29/04. 

October 4
Week 7

Financial Aid


Discovering your personality and learning styles.




Financial Aide guest speaker, Cathy Crawley.


  • Assignments: Explore the links Personality and Learning styles and take the tests located under the Table of Contents.
  • Journal 2 discussion is due on 10/11/04.

October 11
Week 8

Academic requirements for the nursing core and curriculum.


Academic honesty.


Special learning opportunities

  • Georgia Education Mentorship (GEM) program.
  • Sigma Theta Tau and Phi Kappa Phi.
  • Scholars program.
  • Nursing Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Internship your senior year.
  • Independent study.
  • Nursing externship at the Medical College of Central Georgia (MCCG).
  • Graduate opportunities.

Class discussion.




  • Explore the link GPA calculator located under the Table of Contents.
  • Make an appointment with your advisor and plan a program of study.

October 18
Week 9

Involvement in campus nursing organizations:

  • Georgia College Association of Nursing Students (GCANS)
  • Black Association of Nursing Students (BANS)
  • Georgia Men Association Nursing Students (GMANS)


Advice from junior and senior nursing students. 

Class discussion.



Assignment: Work on final draft for resume that is due next week. 


October 25
Week 10

Stress management

Counseling Services guest speaker, Dr. Arnold Wade.



Resume is due today.


Assignment: Explore the link Stress Management located under the Table of Contents. 

November 1
Week 11

Study abroad opportunities.

Guest speaker, Dr. Dwight Call.



Assignment: Journal 3 discussion is due 11/8/04.

November 8
Week 12

Nursing opportunities other than bedside nursing:


Panel of Nursing Faculty.


  • Journal 4 Discussion is due on 11/15/04.
  • Print the Presentation link located under Guidelines and Forms and bring it to class next week.
  • Prepare for next week’s presentation.

November 15
Week 13

Community service project student presentations

Class discussion.


Relax -you don’t have any assignments this week!

November 22

Week 14

Compensation time for community service project work

 Assignment: Journal 5 Discussion is due 11/29/04.

November 29

Week 15


Compensation time for campus event.

Happy Holidays!

Campus event and Table Talk are due today. Submit completed forms to your instructor.   


September 6

Classes Resume

September 7


October 8

Last Day to Drop a Course/Withdraw without Academic Penalty


(Unless previously assigned an F by professors for absences)

October 12

Registration for Spring 2005

October 25-November 23

Freshman Class Registration Dates

October 29 - November 23

Thanksgiving HOLIDAYS

November 24-26

Classes Resume

November 29

Classes End

December 6

Payment Deadline for Spring 2005

December 10

Final Exams

December 7-10